Scenic Baja Todos Santos & El Pescadero – JDP

The two years plus pandemic brought new visitors and residents to the areas of EI Pescadero and Todos Santos from all over the world, but mainly from the USA. While the rest of the world were in lock down, Todos Santos, El Pescadero and other parts of Baja California Sur remained calm while incorporating hygiene regulations. Mexico was one of the very few countries in the world allowing inbound travelers.

Now when much of the world is open to travel, there remains a pent-up demand but now the emphasis is on experiential travel. Los Cabos has always been a haven for the affluent traveler. Los Cabos offers one 5-star branded hotel after another spanning to the Northeast with La Ribera and its Four Seasons, Puerto Los Cabos to the south, and the Rancho San Lucas to the Southwest, with all offering the luxury trapping such a marinas, golf, restaurants, and shopping. El Pescadero and Todos Santos offer the off the beaten track natural beauty that is a contrast from its southern neighbor, Los Cabos.

Los Cabos received 1,125,000 travelers between January and June of this year. That’s a 51% increase over last year, according to Rodrigo Esponda, Director General at Los Cabos Tourism. During this explosion of construction and tourism down south, just one hour north on the Pacific, the little pueblos of El Pescadero and Todos Santos have been expanding in a way that takes into consideration the environment and keeping the true natural essence of the area intact. This natural essence is the draw and the key differentiator to this very special area. Not only do El Pescadero and Todos Santos share two of the best microclimates in the world, they are both agrarian areas known for their prolific year-round organic produce and natural beauty.

Just south of Cerritos beach with its famous surf break, lies a gated community known as Rancho Nuevo, with only 16 beachfront bluff lots. One beachfront home is on the market for $1.9 million USD. Compare this to its nearby neighborhood of El Gavilan, where a similar sized beachfront home is on the block for $3.75 million USD. What a difference a few miles makes. El Pescadero has only two oceanfront lots remaining, one large oceanfront lot just two rows south of Rancho Pescadero, can be purchased for $2.5 million USD.

Pescadero Beachfront Lot

El Pescadero has always been known as the salad bowl of the region with good reason. Its huertas are abundant due to its near year-round growing conditions. If you have interest in an organic farm with water, you can obtain 4.8 hectares for $1.95 million USD.

Casa La Cachora

As we make our journey north, we arrive Todos Santos. We see the typical palapa roofed shops until we come to the dead end and turn right on calle Juárez. Across the palm oasis from the historic district is the epitome of Todos Santos living, Casa La Cachora for $1.2 million USD.

Casa Linda

Much construction, mainly homes, but some retail continues as we head to “el Otro Lado” (the other side) where many expats live. One of the most affluent neighborhoods is Las Tunas where designer Linda Hamilton created Casa Linda which is on the market for $1.4 million USD.

In this same neighborhood is 14,700 sq. meters of beautiful ocean side land with a three bedroom, three and half bath house known as Casa Curva. This $4 million USD estate home is one of a kind.

Casa Curva

Just two rows back from the ocean is a home designed by the famous architect, Jorge Gracia, home known as Gracia Beach House. $749,000 USD buys you this home.

North of the Las Tunas area, the paved “Playitas” road ends—the road running parallel with the Pacific—is the La Pastora surf break. This area up to Las Playitas will be an epicenter of hospitality development. If you’re seeking the antithesis of Los Cabos but still want the beaches and natural beauty of Baja, come up and see us in scenic El Pescadero and Todos Santos.