Ethics and Excellence in Real Estate

The Wallendorf Collection Fine Properties was founded on the cornerstone of ethics and excellence in real estate. As most of our clients are Americans, Canadians and Europeans coming from countries where there are strict, enforceable laws surrounding real estate transactions, BCS, Mexico remains somewhat the “Wild Wild West”. This combined with complex ejido land laws, no non-disclosure laws and no realtor licensing laws makes it imperative that your investment, whether buying or selling be in the hands of highly ethical and knowledgable professionals.

Deborah Wallendorf

Deborah Wallendorf’s expertise is in international buyer networks based on a 30 year international professional services career which encompassed the luxury hospitality market in over 1000 cities and 80 countries. Extensive buyer networks, deep understanding of trends and statistics plus extensive Marketing expertise ensures the seller a top return on investment in the shortest period of time.

Roc Fleshman has over 20 years of real estate experience in the area known as the “Pacific North” (the corridor north of Los Cabos to north of Todos Santos). His deep knowledge is invaluable to assist buyers and sellers alike and ensuring their investment is protected.

When representing the buyer, an all encompassing but deep understanding of practically each and every property in this region ensures we are able to reveal any hidden components of complex property purchases and avert any issues thus protecting your investment.

Combined, our knowledge, expertise and worldwide contacts ensure your investment is protected whether you are a seller or a buyer.

Local and International Connections

Our real estate company is driven by local real estate subject matter experts with a global reach to personal affiliate real estate experts in the markets of Southern and Northern California (8 locations); Oregon (1), Washington (2), Vancouver (2) Alberta,Canada (2), Arizona (1), Colorado (2), Texas (3), Atlanta (1), Chicago(1), New York(1), Montreal (1), Mexico City (1), Guadalajara (1), London (1), Hamburg, Germany(1). Additionally, we incentivise international buyer brokers and agents ensuring a buyer audience.

On the listing side, we have a deep understanding of the local real estate market and the international buyer market. With these tools, our marketing initiatives are based on sales statistics ensuring your property will receive the most visibility. We have fiduciary responsibility for our listing clients and ensure each marketing plan is tailored to the individual property and are results driven.

Exclusively Luxury

Tailored for quality real estate priced at US$500,000 and above allows us to focus on the buyer and seller market in a highly strategic fashion resulting in the best experience for buyer and seller alike. Your $500,000 property will never be advertised next to an $85,000 parcel.